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Killing Ants with Natural Insecticides

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Ants can be a nuisance, a threat to those who are allergic to ant bites, and have been known as killers.  It wouldn’t seem possible of such a tiny creature, but their biggest defense seems to be their numbers.  They multiply rapidly, easily, and quickly.  They can take over a yard if left to themselves.  A small child who accidentally falls into a fire ant bed and becomes quickly covered in them will be in misery and pain, sometimes having to be rushed to an emergency room.  A dying animal can be overtaken by them and used as a food source.

Ants eat a wide variety of things.  They’re not nearly as picky as we humans when it comes to their dinner choices.  They don’t even need silverware!  They can carry large weights in comparison to their body sizes.

It’s human nature to immediately grab a can of ant spray or a bag of granules and begin walking the yard to search for their colonies.  If you’ve lived in places like Texas and Louisiana, you know that ant beds can become huge.  The fire ants are aggressive and dangerous.  It’s much better to control an infestation than to wake up one day and realize that your property now belongs more to the ants than to you.

Sometimes insects can become immune to the chemicals sold on the market.  Ant bait and ant poisons can lose their effectiveness due to overuse and years of enduring the same poisons.  The chemicals can also cause harm to other insects and animals.  If you don’t store them properly, your children could become poisoned by them.

While it’s true that many natural insecticides can be dangerous as well, they are safer for our environment and safer overall than chemical poisons, especially if you know how to use, mix, and store them properly.

Natural or organic insecticides are those which come from natural resources.  Boric acid, which is a form of the mineral boron, is used on ant beds.  Sometimes it is mixed with other things like sugar and boiling water.  It can also be mixed as borax soap with sugar and water and is safe to use around pets and small children.  Many people sprinkle it along the entry points in their houses and apartments or campers.

Another natural insecticide to use as an ant control is cayenne pepper, made into a liquid and used as a spray.  You can grow your own pepper plants just for this purpose.  Hot peppers are also used to control or kill other insects.  Just make sure you don’t let your small child have access to your pepper plants.  Hot peppers can sometimes cause blisters when eaten.

Corn meal can be used as ant control; it’s a low-cost alternative to poisonous chemicals.  If you grow your own corn, you may even know how to make your own corn meal.  It’s a food the ants like to eat, but can’t digest.

There are many solutions for natural insecticides that can benefit your pocket book, your plants, and your environment.  It’s a way to treat insects that can help everyone win!


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