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Spring often good time for Renovating to sell!

Friday, May 13th, 2011
Photo of contractor doing home renovations

Spring is a good time to spruce up your home before putting it on the market!

When home owners are ready to put their home onto the market a big question often arises!  Do we sell at a competitive price without renovating or invest in some improvements in order to sell at a higher price?  What I say is without any major renovating, some basic repairs and modifications can add value to your home.

Some great items to look at can be found in your kitchens and baths!  You can modernize a kitchen and bath with minimal cost by changing your counter top, painting cabinets and changing all handles and knobs.  Another inexpensive but great update is by changing those dated light fixtures and ceiling fans!  Refinish those hardwood floors or throw on a coat of varnish, change your doors to series 800 or paint older doors and trim white!  Strip that old wall paper and get some fresh paint rolling onto those walls!

Don’t be afraid to invest at least one percent of the sale price of your home on small improvements. However small this may be , by investing $2000.00 especially in kitchen and baths you can probably hope to add an additional $1500-2000. to the sale price.  On the other hand without this investment you may have to lower your price by more than $5000. Another great pointer is call College Pros and get those windows cleaned!  Put on the gardening gloves and plant some lovely flowers!  Best of luck , call Kelly Clarke at 905-641-1110, for more tips and advice and a price on your home in today’s market!

Kelly Clark is a licenced St. Catharines Real Estate Agent with Re/Max Garden City Realty Inc. in St. Catharines Ontario.

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New Windows and Doors Boost Curb Appeal & Make You Money!

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

25 to 30% of the energy used to heat or cool the typical Canadian home escapes silently through its windows and doors. Replacing drafty old models with energy-efficient designs is one improvement project that pays off right away, and the savings are printed in black and white on a homeowner’s energy bills.

6 Great Reasons to Replace Older Doors and Windows:

  1. Superior Curb Appeal: Renovating with good-looking classic or modern styles can add architectural distinction or personality.
  2. More Comfortable: New technologies reduce air flow between the interior and exterior which helps to maintain a more consistent temperature inside your home.
  3. Lower Maintenance: Durable designs and modern materials minimize upkeep and may be covered by manufacturer warranties for many years.
  4. Safe and secure: Some models offer multiple-point locking systems and have been designed to resist forced entry.
  5. Peace and Quiet: High performance windows can stifle some traffic sounds, commercial clatter or other types of noise from outside.
  6. Higher Resale Value: All of these benefits may also appeal to potential buyers, so a significant portion of the cost could be recovered when the property is sold.

Replacing inefficient windows and doors can produce a return of 50-75% of your initial investment. Energy savings, in addition to the time savings associated with lower maintenance materials can also help offset your costs.

The front of your home is what neighbours, guests and buyers see first. Installing a new insulated entry-door or garage door is a relatively quick and easy project that can have a dramatic impact on the look of your home’s exterior.

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Is your Home the Best Savings Vehicle?

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011
A photo of housing growth.

Our Rent-to-Own Home Purchase Program allows you to purchase a home today without having to meet the typical qualifications required by conventional lending institutions.

The most meaningful advantages of owning a home are not really financial in nature. You can pursue hobbies you enjoy, decorate as you wish and keep a pet of your choosing – all without the approval of a landlord.

More often than not, a real estate purchase involves a lifestyle decision, so it’s a nice bonus that paying a mortgage promotes savings discipline and can actually help you build wealth over time.

Making payments on a fully amortizing mortgage requires you to set aside money every month, because a part of each installment is allocated to the repayment of the borrowed principal.

Each month, both the loan balance and the amount of interest due will drop, and the principal portion of the payment will increase until it is paid off.

Shorter Terms Get You There Faster

The typical amortization period in Canada is between 25 and 30 years. Some borrowers, especially first-time buyers, stretch the amortization period to 35 years for more affordable monthly payments or to qualify for larger loan amounts in areas with more expensive housing. Of course, that choice significantly reduces the amount of equity they can earn in the early years of the loan.

Those who can afford a larger monthly payment might want to consider a shorter 10-15 year amortization period and save thousands of dollars in interest over the life of the loan. Also, a much higher percentage of each payment goes toward principal from day one, so homeowners can build up savings more rapidly.

Today’s low interest rates make a shorter repayment schedule realistic for a greater number of buyers, but it’s also a great option for refinancing homeowners who want to stay on track to pay off their mortgage before retirement.

You don’t Qualify for a Mortgage but want to Own your Own Home?

Our Rent-to-Own Home Purchase Program allows you to purchase a home today without having to meet the typical qualifications required by conventional lending institutions. It is specifically designed to help people who are having difficulty obtaining conventional financing. If you can afford a reasonable monthly payment, this program might be for you!

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